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By Nick
November 2019

Sometimes it may happen that you want to transfer the full-rights of the founder account to a different person than the original one. We can handle these requests, you just need to make the request!

Founder account

The person that created the business account on OpenStudio.com has a profile defined as a "Founder account". This means that this user will be able to access all the services and applications without any restriction; in fact, the application to manage permissions and authorization doesn't have any effect on him/her.

In some occasions, it may be necessary to switch this special permission between two different members. Please note that the founder has complete access to all the options in the dashboard, included the administration control panel (ACP) and has the right to modify and request the cancellation of the business account at any time.

Which are the requirements to change the founder?

The procedure is easy and does not take much time, and it depends on if the founder is available.

The founder makes the request

In this case, for example when the manager of the company changes, it is the founder itself that makes a request to delegate the new founder. He/she has to submit a request to our team, proposing the new administrator*The new user must have been registered in the system and must have a personal code available.Furthermore, the account must be active.

A delegate submits the request

The founder is not the only person that is allowed to submit this type of request. All the members that you enroll in the group "OS_RAS - Administrative Referents for Service" are allowed to request the change of the founder*.All the members of the group must agree and a proof of it is required.


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