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Ik ben mijn wachtwoord vergeten/verloren

By Nick
November 2019

Sometimes it may happen that you forget your password or you lose it: no worries! There is always a solution and we are here to help.

There are two different procedures according to your position under your Business account, if you are the owner/founder of the account or if you have been invited and you are a regular member of it.

Regular member

If you are a regular member you have two ways to retrieve your password:

  1. From the Login page, just click on "Forgot your password" and follow the procedure. That's it!
  2. You can ask one of your administrators, or a member that has access to user management, to send you a new password

Founder account

In this case, for security reasons, you are not allowed to ask directly for a new password. We do this to give maximum protection to your administration account.

If you want to restore it, you need to submit a ticket providing:

  • Your Foundation email (the one you provided when your registered on OpenStudio
  • Your brand ID and your brand name (example: #1 Openstudio)
  • Your personal email address (the one linked to your profile, if different from the foundation one)
  • Any other information that can help us to recognize you

Once done, we will be back to you shortly and we will send you an email with the final step to retrieve your login access

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