LimeSurvey acum integrat în serviciile noastre

LimeSurvey is software that allows you to simply and effectively implement surveys, online surveys and satisfaction questionnaires in which an unlimited number of users can participate.

What is LimeSurvey?

With LimeSurvey it is possible to create surveys with different types of questions, even dependent on each other and connected by filters or logical leaps. The questions are organized into groups and can be easily edited via an intuitive graphical interface. Once created, surveys can be public or with restricted access through the use of one-time passwords (tokens), different for each participant. The results collected can be anonymous or nominal.

The questionnaires can be managed, personalized, activated, and administered in full autonomy.

How is it integrated in OpenStudio services?

Each founder is provided with a LimeSurvey account, migrated from their OpenStudio account. Of course they will be able to enable more users to access the service!

OpenStudio has integrated LimeSurvey for what concerns users management. This means that you will be able to automatically distribute your surveys to the users enabled to your organization space, as a whole or according to their different categories or groups.

In addition, each survey recipient will easily find all the surveys dedicated to them in their personal dashboard.