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Discover the team of OpenStudio and all the history of our brand.

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Our Mission
Change the game through all-in-one services.

Every organization needs a lot of different tools to manage and develop its own market.

OpenStudio helps you to centralize all the applications and services you may need, all-in-one unique and custom environment.

Customer Stories

Discover some of our loyal customers that decided to trust OpenStudio for the management of their organizations

Kosmine - Cosmetic Bites

Run by two university students, Kosmine was an italian community dedicated to the world of Cosmetics and Health information.

Lovest - freedom for everybody

Lovest is a non-recognized association for human rights and sensitization about different topics. It is located near Milan, Italy.

TranslationsCloud - GO multilingual with your website

TranslationsCloud was a former version of our workspace and is currently a plugin available within our suite: CMS and translation plugins for your business!

Leadership Team

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Chief Operating Officer
Chief Communication Officer
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You ?
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Our History

OpenStudio comes from a long evolution and development, and as such, it's the most advanced!
  1. January 2018
    The final version! Always in development and improvement, the all-in-one service as you see it now!
  2. October 2017
    With the continuos evolution of the translations tools, some extra components had been added, and the multilingual aspect was leaving the floor to a more complex service.
  3. January 2016
    The software was exlusively dedicated to translations, in order to promote the multilingual dimension in the websites, and still in the forums.
  4. March 2015
    The projects starts as a custom management panel for the international team of a forum-creation company: lots of time has passed since then!
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