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Διαχείριση Openstudio Antispam

By Nick
June 2022

Openstudio - How is spam managed?

We at Openstudio rely on different providers in order to reduce spam on our services, and offer the most of our resources to reliable and real customers. Our database contains thousands of blacklisted IPs, email addresses and domain names that you will not be able to use on our platform.

I have been blacklisted, but I should not be - How to solve?

You can at any time open a ticket to ask for a Blacklisted Appeal, providing:

  • Your recent IP addresses
  • Your email address
  • Any other relevant information
We will carefully check your request and eventually whitelist your references.

I have been blacklisted, and it seems the problem is the domain of my email

We have some wider blacklisting on some specific domain names. For example you will not be able to register with a .ru or .xyz domain, as we experienced an high traffic of spam users with these registration details.

If you have an email address with a blacklisted domain, you can always open a ticket to ask for a Blacklisted Appeal providing the information above-mentioned.

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