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What is your current strategic HR management ?

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that involves all companies at multiple levels. The challenge is to transform all those traditionally manual processes into automatic ones thanks to the use of technology.

It is a fundamental step that cannot be achieved overnight and which requires a radical change in corporate culture and organisation.

In this in-depth analysis we will focus on everything there is to know about the relationship between digitalisation and the organization and management of Human Resources , with the aim of providing you with some food for thought and some practical actions that you can immediately implement in agency.

What does “human resources management” mean?

The management of human resources in a company (from the English Human Resources, HR ) is that set of practices that contribute to making the performance of employees more effective in terms of performance.

As we have said, personnel management is essential to running a business and is one of the most difficult tasks: the goal is to ensure that employees are motivated to achieve company objectives. This is why the choice of personnel is as important as the organization of the personnel itself. It's not just about looking for and recruiting new talent, but also knowing how to motivate, involve and enhance staff. Adequate human resource management therefore determines the success or failure of the industrial project.

Human resource management: what is it?

Human resource management and development refers to all actions that can be undertaken in an organization to improve, organize and enhance staff. In practice it means, for example:

Implement policies designed for corporate wellbeing and worker motivation
As you will have understood from these first lines, strategic human resources management is essential to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. Considering all the elements of human resources management, in other words, means putting the workers in the company first, driven by the awareness that trained, happy employees aligned with company objectives are the key to company success.

How human resources management changes with digitalisation

HR management is profoundly changing due to the ongoing technological revolution, which now involves all operational areas present in the company. This is a real transition that is changing the functioning of organizations and which you must necessarily take into account.

The changes brought about by digitalisation translate into the use of HR software and human capital management systems ( HCM software ) , which offer solutions, often in the cloud, which allow you to:

What has OpenStudio to offer?

OpenStudio allows you to manage multiple workflows related to HR, thanks to a series of dedicated applications and services: