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Hoe vraagt ​​u een certificaat voor een digitale handtekening aan? (Vrij)

By Nick
September 2023

The application Digital signing of documents allows you to:

  • Request a Digital Signature Certificate
  • Digitally Sign Documents with your certificate
  • Verify if the Document is correctly signed and Validate the signature

In this resource, we will go through how to request a Digital Signature Certificate. Please remember that in order to request a certificate, you need to have specified your personal information and received a Personal Code

Access the application

Permission and Authorization

The service is automatically enabled for members added to the group Structured members, and can be activated for other members by assigning the related permission in Management of Authorizations and Groups application.

Select service

From the sidebar menu, under Administration, select Digital signing of documents.

You will be provided with a panel that shows the three services you can access. To request a new certificate, go to the service Personal Certificate. An icon on the left will let you know if you already have a valid certificate active.

OpenStudio - Digital Signature Services
OpenStudio - Digital Signature Services

Active and History of Certificates

From the page, you will be presented with some brief details over your personal information and your current and previous certificates.

In order to request a new certificate, click on Generate new Certificate.

OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Request Certificate
OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Request Certificate

Certificate Details

You will be prompted with some personal details to be confirmed - such as your Name, Surname, Department and email. If these details are not correct, please contact your Human Resources Department.

OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Confirm Details
OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Confirm Details

If everything is correct, confirm and request the certificate, you will receive a notification of the sent request.

OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Confirmed Details
OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Confirmed Details

Please note that the Certificate Request will be manually handled by a member of OpenStudio team. For this reason, 24/48 hours may be necessary to process your request. Once the request is completed, you will receive an email notification.

Certificate Authority

If you use OpenStudio verification service the document will be correctly verified, but if you want to validate your digitally signed documents even when you are offline, or with a Desktop App (such as Adobe Acrobat), you may need to install our Certificate Authority.

You can download it from the Certificates page, and follow this guide to install it as attendible: How to Install OpenStudio Certificate Authority

OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Certificate Authority Download
OpenStudio - Digital Signature - Certificate Authority Download

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