Why do you need my personal data?

By Nick
January 2020

Personal data are required by Openstudio in order to give you a personal code, your online identity for all our services. But why? and Who is using that?

Personal data and OpenStudio

Once registered in our dashboard as a user, you will see a limited version of the applications, this is because your personal data are required in order to give you a personal code (i.e 10000001) that represents you on the online ICT services.

Thanks to this code, the administrators of your business will be able to grant you permissions and allow you to manage the different aspects of the business

Can OpenStudio use my data?

OpenStudio does not use your personal information, because they are used only by your administrators and managers. OpenStudio itself does not need them, but they are useful to your organization to identify you and to manage all the aspects of the business itself.

Can I modify my data?

You can at any time modify your personal data, using the application Manage personal data available under the "Data" menu in your dashboard.

Who can see my personal data?

Your information can be seen only by the administrator of the business account (founder) and by authorized members to use the application Administration, Recognition and registration of users.

Openstudio only uses the details related to the administrator in case of inquiries, official communications and/or billing needs. Any other personal information (other than username and email) are not used by Openstudio.

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