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Como criar uma nova estrutura na minha organização?

By Nick
January 2020

How to create a new structure?

You can manage your organization structure from the application Manage structures available under the Administraton menu in the sidebar.

Only the founder and authorized members are allowed to access this application and invite new users

OpenStudio - Manage structures
Manage structures

At this point you have two options:

  • Create an Area, or first-level structure
  • Select an area and create a sub-structure
OpenStudio - Create a new area, first-level structure
Create a new area, first-level structure

If your case is the second, click on one area, and you will see the list of the structures that belong to that area.

OpenStudio - Select an area as parent
Select an area as parent

Now you can click on the Create a new structure button and a form will ask you for the information you need to provide:

  • A name for your structure
  • An acronym for it, that will identify shortly your structure. Of course, it must be unique.
  • An optional description
  • A responsible or head of unit for it
  • If you want the structure to be enabled for internal tickets.If enabled, the structure will appear under the applications Trouble ticketing and users in the system will be able to submit tickets to it
OpenStudio - Create a new structure, second-level
Create a new structure, second-level

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