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By Nick
October 2023

The application Manage Authorization Groups allows you to:

  • Create and Manage Group of users
  • Populate the groups with explicit or calculated members
  • Set expiration dates for the memberships
  • Set Responsibles and Delegates for the management of the group

The application can be accessed from the Administration menu in the sidebar, clicking on Manage Authorization Groups.

Conditions to access

The application will be available under one of the following conditions:

  • Users manually enabled to access the application from permissions management
  • Users that belong to a group that is identified as Responsible for another group
  • Users that have been assigned as delegates for a group

Please note that members must have a personal code to access the application.

Definition of figures

Different figures of users are used in the groups management workflow, and are here described:

ResponsibleA responsible of a group is authorized to modify the group, define delegates, add new memberships, manage deactivation events and define membership rules for calculated groups
DelegateA delegate can manage the memberships of the group and deactivation events
Explicit memberAn explicit member is a user that has been manually and directly assigned as member of the group
Calculated memberA calculated member is a user that is part of the group under the satisfaction of a membership rule. If the condition is no longer valid, the user will no longer be part of the group


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