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Business management tools,

Save money and countless hours of development and have all the tools you need, in one place.

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All your data are safely stored and accessible. With our permissions system you decide the applications every member can access or not!


Open Development

Our peculiarity is to have a service in a continuous development: you ask what you need, and we do our best effort to bring it to you!



All our applications and services are centralized and available to you from a single dashboard: Say stop to have lots of accounts and softwares for your business management

Premium Features

Payments and Payroll

OpenStudio allows you to manage payrolls, payments and economical management directly from your dashboard. You dont't need external softwares to provide documents to your employeers: do it from your dashboard!

IT Protocol / Documents Management

Our documents management applications allows you to have a safe environment where you can store the documents you want to save in archive for future consultation.

Trouble Ticketing

Within our dashboard, you can manage your own personal support tickets: choose which areas are allowed to manage tickets and provide/handle internal issues right in your personal area.

Data management

Our user-management system is completely at your disposal! You can manage your users, your personal information and the permissions for every user enabled to work in your dashboard.

Manage Intranet, Blog and Events

Manage your personal Intranet for your team, or your custom blog or event pages using our dedicated application: post new articles, approve them and they are right online!

Human Resources Workflow

Manage your human resources workflows directly from our applications. From requests to proceedings, your HR department can manage everything with a digitalized toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the service is completely free at the moment, and No we do not need any credit card for the registration. There isn't any hidden fee or extra cost.
In future, we may introduce advanced paid plans according to specific needs.

It is really easy: all you have to do is to Create an Organization account from our registration page - no credit card required - you just provide some small info about you, and everything is already up and running for you in less than 2 minutes!

As the service is 100% free, we do not provide a trial version. You can register and explore our features for free! If you want, you can find all our applications in the features page.

We are always available to discuss new features and applications for OpenStudio!
If you have particular needs or if you feel something is missing, you can Submit a Ticket to our staff or use the Contact form. You can also Suggest new features directly from your dashboard: we usually reply in 24-48 hours!

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News & Events

  • LimeSurvey now integrated in our services
  • OpenStudio goes multilingual: now available in multiple languages
  • Happy winter holidays and Happy new year 2024!
  • Free Digital Signatures now available for OpenStudio customers
  • Merry Christmas to all the OpenStudio community!
  • 5 Tips on Creating Better Digital Workplace Experience for Your Employees

Press & Media

Here's what some companies and customers have to say about working with OpenStudio. Fore more, check out the Press & Media page.

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OpenStudio started with the vision to be among the successful SaaS startups in the world. Its ingenious all-in-one, business management tool, is the best gift for entrepreneurs. The tool includes everything from handling payments, managing docs to assisting customers all in one spot. Now, no need to opt for multiple services for managing your business. OpenStudio provides you everything in one place.

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This service is in constant development. Meaning to say, businesses can ask for any application they need and the vendor will develop them. This way, you do not need to spend long hours and more resources developing the tools your organization requires. OpenStudio will take care of it. Furthermore, all of your business tools will be placed in a single location so everything can be accessed with ease.

Reviews for Business
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