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Wie markiere ich eine Anwendung als Favorit?

By Nick
January 2020

What is a favorite application?

A favorite application is one that has been marked as such, in order to easily access it from the dashboard home, without having to look for it in the sidebar menu

On your dashboard, you can see a dedicated section with all your favorite services:

OpenStudio - Your favourite applications on your dashboard
OpenStudio - Your favourite applications on your dashboard

How to mark an application as favorite?

You simply need to open that application and click on the black button with the star, on the right of the service name. The button will turn yellow and the service will appear on your dashboard home from now on.

Application not selected as favorite
Application not selected as favorite

How to remove an application as favorite?

To unmark an application as favourite, you simply need to do the same process: clicking on the yellow button with the star, will deselect the application and remove it from your favorites list.

Tip: You can also remove a favorite application clicking on the start in the Favorites menu in your dashboard home!

Application selected as favorite
Application selected as favoritee

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