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Como enviar uma notificação manual da barra de ferramentas para um usuário

By Nick
May 2023

The application Notification Center allows to visualize the notifications available to each operator, as well as to send a manual Toolbar Notification directly.

IF you are trying to send a communication to a wider group of users, or to a specific category of users, you should consider using the service InfoComm (Messagging to Users).

Access the application

From the sidebar menu, under Administration, select Notification Center.

You will be provided with a panel to select the user you want to manage. The visibility of operators may change according to permissions (on personal structures, or on all structures).

Notification Center - Select user
Notification Center - Select user


Notifications List

The user personal page presents brief information about the user, as well as the currently active notifications available.

Notifications are presented with the following details:

DateDate of delivery of the notification by the system
RecipientThe ID of the user that received the notification. It may be a Personal Code, an User Code or the User email
SourceIt shows the application that generated the notification
Statuseither Read or Unread
ActionIt is the page to which the user will be redirected once they clicked on the notification
Notification Center - Notifications List
Notification Center - Notifications List

Send a manual notification

Clicking on the Send a manual notification button, a popup will appear asking you for some required information. Click on Push notification to deliver the communication to the user

Notification Center - New Manual Notification
Notification Center - New Manual Notification

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