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How can I deliver mass communication to users, or categories of operators?

By Nick
May 2023

The application InfoComm (Messaging to users) allows to:

  • Send mass communications to different users in one click
  • Forward messages through different channels - such as a widget alert, a toolbar notification or an email message
  • Contact categories of users that are automatically generated (for example according to the reference structure, to the type of career, to custom groups, etc..)
If you are trying to send a a notification to a single individual, we suggest you to use the service Notification Center instead.

Access the application

From the sidebar menu, under Cloud Services, select InfoComm (Messaging to Users).

You will be provided with a panel that shows the communications you have already sent, or all the communications ever sent according to your permissions in the application.

InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - List
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - List

Forward a new communication

From the main page, click on the New Request button to open the creation page.


The panel is divided into three different sections. On the upper-left, the page requires some information about the method and recipients of the communication; on the upper-left you will automatically be provided with the list of users according to the selected categories, and in the lower part you will see the required fields for the type of channel you selected.

InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Initial Page
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Initial Page

Recipients and Channels

The first sections requires the following information:

OperatorThe field is automatically filled with the operator that is creating the request
Reference StructureProvide the structure on which behalf you are delivering this communication
RecipientsSee section below "Categories of Recipients"
ChannelsSelect the channel through which you want to deliver the communication. Availability may depends on the permissions you have been granted

Categories of Recipients

The system provides you with three different type of recipients categories - User Categories, Groups and Structures. Permissions to select them may vary according to the permissions that you have been granted.

User CategoriesYou can select among Active users, Area Managers or Heads of Unit
GroupsThis section is automatically filled with the groups you have created in Management of Authorizations and Groups. Please note that only groups with Users type: Internal can be selected
StructuresYou can select recipients by their reference structure.

Users - List of retrieved Recipients

Once you have selected recipient(s), click on the Load Recipients button to automatically retrieve the list of users. On the upper-right, the list of recipients will be loaded.

InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Recipients List
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Recipients List

Individual change on Channels

Once the Recipients and the Channels are selected, you will see the panel populated. By default, all the users will be selected to receive the communication through the channel you activated.

You can use the Select All/Unselect All buttons, or directly use the switched to prevent the message to be delivered through one specific channel.

InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Individual Change on Channels
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Individual Change on Channels

Removal of individual recipient

In the same way, you can click on the icon to remove an individual.

Please note that if you click on Load Recipients again, the customizations will be lost.


According to the selected channels, in the Content tab you will be provided with the required information for each type of channel.

Due to the different requirements and characters length, each section may need to repeat the same information.

Toolbar Notification

TitleMax 45 characters
DescriptionMax 65 characters
Action(Optional) You can specify a link to which the user will be redirected clicking on the title
Icon(Optional) You can define an icon that will be used near the title of the communication
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Content - Toolbar Notification
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Toolbar Notification

Widget Alert

TitleMax 255 characters
DescriptionMax 750 characters
Expiration DateFor widget notifications, you can define a deadline. After the provided date-time, the notification will disappear
TypeYou can choose among Info, warning, danger and success, to customize the color and type of information.
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Content - Widget Alert
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Content - Widget Alert

Email Notification

TitleThe title will be used both in the email content, as well as in the subject of the email
DescriptionThe content of the email. The message will be wrapped in a default template with info about privacy and sender.
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Content - Email Notification
InfoComm (Messaging to Users) - Content - Email Notification

Forward and Deliver

When all the information are provided, click on Forward and Deliver button to proceed. The communication will be sent immediately and the process cannot be undone.

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