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What is a Permission Package?

By Nick
July 2023

The application Permissions Workflow allows to:

  • Define packages of permissions
  • Assign and Remove a series of permissions to multiple users at once

Access the application

From the sidebar menu, under Administration, select Permissions Workflow.

The application allows to define the so-called "Packages', which are containers for a series of permissions. If through the Manage Authorization and groups application you can individually assign permissions to individual users, with Packages Management you can define preset of permissions, so that you can apply multiple permissions with only one click.

Are Packages integrated with the Authorizations Management?

Yes. The system works in parallel and allows you to manage packages' permissions even individually, through the Manage Authorization and groups application.

Simply, Permissions Workflow service allows you to speed-up the process and assign them all-at-once and being able to duplicate it for multiple users.

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