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How to create and prepare a new Survey?

By Nick
December 2023

OpenStudio relies on LimeSurvey to provide to its customers the most advanced software for surveys management.

How to create a new Survey

Access the Survey Manager dashboard

Go to Cloud Services > Surveys from the sidebar menu, and you will be presented with the different services you can access under the Surveys application. Select Login into LimeSurvey to access the surveys dashboard.

Please note that the function is available only if your user account is enabled. To enable a new operator, check the resource How to enable a user for Surveys Management?.

Once logged in, you will find yourself in the Limesurvey dashboard.

OpenStudio - Surveys - LimeSurvey (Home)
OpenStudio - Surveys - LimeSurvey (Home)

Create a new Survey

From the top navbar, you can access the list of existing surveys or click on the + button to create a new survey.

You will be able to:

  • Create a survey with the guided steps
  • Import a survey structure
  • Copy a previously created survey
OpenStudio - Surveys - LimeSurvey (Create Survey)
OpenStudio - Surveys - LimeSurvey (Create Survey)

For further information on how to create a survey, we invite you to reach the LimeSurvey Knowledgebase.

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