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Manage Deactivation Events for an Authorization Groups

By Nick
October 2023

The application Manage Authorization Groups allows you to:

  • Create and Manage Group of users
  • Populate the groups with explicit or calculated members
  • Set expiration dates for the memberships
  • Set Responsibles and Delegates for the management of the group

What is a Deactivation event?

In the case of Calculated groups, A Deactivation Event may be referred to a user that no longer satisfied a defined membership rule, and for this reason it will be automatically removed from the group.

In the case of Explicit groups, you may have a member with a deadline for its membership.

Manage Deactivation events

Access the application

The application can be accessed from the Administration menu in the sidebar, clicking on Manage Authorization Groups.

Select a group to continue.

Deactivation Events Tab

The application allows the management of Deactivation events, which can refer to an expiration date or to a lapsed condition that is referred to a calculated user. In the tab Deactivation events you can keep track of the events.

OpenStudio - Manage Authorization Groups - Deactivation Events - List
OpenStudio - Manage Authorization Groups - Deactivation Events - List

Expiration date

If an explicit member has a deadline for its membership, once the expiration is closer than 7 days you will get a deactivation event notice. We will also send an email notification, both 7 days and 2 days before, to warn the Responsibles and Delegates of the event.

In this case, you can access the group's memberships and eventually extend the deadline.

OpenStudio - Manage Authorization Groups - Extend Expiration Deadline
OpenStudio - Manage Authorization Groups - xtend Expiration Deadline

Lapsed membership rule condition

If a calculated member no longer satisfied a membership rule, it will be added in deactivation events.

Overnight, the system will process the update.

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