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Where can I find the surveys my team has shared with me?

By Nick
December 2023

OpenStudio relies on LimeSurvey to provide to its customers the most advanced software for surveys management.

Where can I find my surveys?

Access the application

OpenStudio has integrated its services with LimeSurvey dashboard, for this reason each user of a Business account is included in the General Participants Database for their Business account.

From the sidebar menu Cloud Services > Surveys you can access the surveys available for you. You should be automatically redirected to the list of available surveys, unless you also have administrative permissions. In this case, you will have to manually select the service Surveys available for you.

OpenStudio - Surveys - Select Application
OpenStudio - Surveys - Select Application

Surveys available for you

You are presented with the active surveys for which you have been enabled as participant.

The table shows you the list of currently active surveys, and the period in which you can complete it (since when, and the expiration date).

If you have already completed the survey, the status column will also show you when your responses have been submitted.

I cannot see any survey

Each user, after being created, will be migrated to the LimeSurvey General Participants Database overnight. After the migration, the survey administrator will be able to include the internal user as participant for a specific survey.

If you cannot see a survey (that you should) from your list, it may be for the following reasons:

  • The survey is in open-access. In this case, the survey is not dedicated to a specific group of users, but it is accessible from whoever has a valid link. For these surveys, you may receive a dedicated invitation via email from your colleagues or other channels.
  • The survey is in closed-access. In this case, there are two scenarios:

    1. You have not been included as participant for a specific survey; you can ask more information to your survey administrator.
    2. Your account has just been created, and the survey system has not acquired you as participant yet.
      You can ask your survey administrator to force the acquisition, or wait overnight to be enabled. After being migrated to the Survey system, the survey administrator will have to generate a token for your user account.

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