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What are the Environments, Group types and Population in Manage Authorization Groups?

By Nick
October 2023

The application Manage Authorization Groups allows you to:

  • Create and Manage Group of users
  • Populate the groups with explicit or calculated members
  • Set expiration dates for the memberships
  • Set Responsibles and Delegates for the management of the group

Access the application

The application can be accessed from the Administration menu in the sidebar, clicking on Manage Authorization Groups.

Terminology and Characteristics

Each group can be configured for different uses, and can have different characteristics.


The Environment is the type of context in which the group is used, and can be of different types.

  • Role Group is the most common group, which can be used to define a group of users based on their role or their scope.
  • Security is a special type of group that allows the group to be selected to grant permissions and authorizations in other applications
  • Mailing List can be used in the applications that allow the sending of email notifications.

Group Type

The group type defines how the memberships will be able to be calculated.

  • An Explicit group only allows to directly add members to the group
  • A Calculated group allows to define membership rules so that the members of the group are automatically calculated based on a predefined rule.
  • An Explicit and Calculated group can do both.


The population of a group can be Internal when the members are identified from the users registered to the dashboard, external when the members are identified through their email address - or not defined when it can be both.


The three domains have some influences one on the other, and one selection may prevent another domain to be defined in a certain way.

Population Group Type
Role Group Internal Explicit
Explicit and Calculated
Security Internal Selected
Mailing List External Explicit
Not defined Explicit and Calculated

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